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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) are raising the stakes in measuring whether Medicare Advantage plans are delivering quality care with the implementation of a new star rating system.

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Health Data Vision is first and foremost a platform company. In all our offerings and services, a superior, scalable and secure technology platform is the foundation for everything. Somewhat atypically, most of our founders and leadership team did not ‘grow up’ in the healthcare industry. Paradoxically, this ‘outsider’s approach’ gives us our edge.

Other dominant chromosomes in our company DNA are the relentless drive for efficiency and the pursuit of total customer satisfaction and perfection in execution; and enough humility to know that such absolute goals are not achievable, but approachable.

Our ability to produce superior results for our clients is driven by three ingredients: process, systems and people. It sounds obvious. Yet it’s hard to find the right mix and make them complement each other optimally. To continually refine that recipe is our quest.



The predictable, timely and consistent delivery of quality results for large volumes of medical records requires a well-defined, well executed and flexible process.


To automate steps, coordinate them, capture relevant data and provide real-time reporting and alerts, a strong, well-integrated, reliable and scalable system is needed.


However slick the technology may be - people make it all work. With the powerful capabilities of MRCS and industry-leading process to support them, they can focus on what they do best: perform complex analysis and make informed decisions. Whether they are client staff or HDVI’s specialty staff, they add value in many critical areas.

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